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Table of Content

Licence   Chapter 1



Table of Content

Chapter 1 :: First Steps with TIGCC
    I :\ Creating a new TIGCC IDE project
    II :\ Compiling the project
    III :\ Running your program

Chapter 2 :: Kernel vs Nostub
    I :\ About kernel and nostub modes
    II :\ "Kernel vs Nostub"

Chapter 3 :: Let's Program in C
    I : International C standards
    II :\ About TI calculators
    III :\ A first program
        A : Comments
        B : The _main functions

Chapter 4 :: Calling of a ROM_CALL
    I :\ Calling AMS functions
    II :\ Functions that take parameters
    III :\ Another example

Chapter 5 :: Clearing the Screen ; Printing a Message on Quitting
    I : \ Erasing the screen contents
    II : \ Manual control of the screen save and restore operations
    III :\ A word on someLes commandes inclues par TIGCC avec les options par défaut
        A : Modèles de calculatrices pour lesquels le programme doit être compilé
        B : Optimisation des ROM_CALLs
        C : Version minimale d'AMS requise
        D : Sauvegarde/Restauration automatique de l'écran
        E : Include standard

Chapter 6 :: Variables (types, declaration, scope)


History of C

Numerical Bases :: Annex 1 : Numerical Bases

Off-Line Version


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Licence   Chapter 1